Middle Grade Frontier Books

Middle Grade Frontier Books

If you or your kids love the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, here is a comprehensive list if Middle Grade books —some easier than others— for you to preview.  

More on the Pioneer Girl Project

Making this autobiography “readable” means enabling readers to understand what life was like at the time.

The Pioneer Girl Project

Today a copy of Barnaby Rudge arrived for me at the South Dakota Historical Society Press offices through interlibrary loan. No, it’s not my light reading for the morning coffee break. It’s for the Pioneer Girl Project. But what, you may ask, do Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dickens have to do with each other? Other than their mutual status as classic authors?

(If you can guess why this book is on my desk, you’re good.)

As we research, edit, and write annotations for Wilder’s Pioneer Girl, I am impressed by the breadth and depth of background it takes to understand a life. Even a normal person’s life. For isn’t that what makes Laura Ingalls Wilder special: that for most of her life, she was not a celebrity? To her contemporaries, she was literally the girl next door (or on the next quarter section), yet as an author, she…

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