Brent Hartinger, Geography Club Author Interview by Amy Metz of A Blue Million Books

Brent Hartinger, Geography Club Author Interview by Amy Metz on A Blue Million Books

I am SO excited! The Geography Club has been made into a movie! I read the Geography Club several years ago. It’s a great story about trying to fit in. A group of gay students form a Geography Club to stay below the radar and hilarity ensues.  The characters are fantastic and the story perfect for high school students. There are three more books in the series and the newest is now.  The Elephant of Surprise is  officially on my summer reading list.

Be sure to read the interview and watch the movie trailer!


Interview with Jeff Erno, author of YA LGBT Literature

Interview with Jeff Erno, author of YA LGBT Literature

On my Facebook page I posted information on Erno’s recently released book You Belong With Me.  I  throughly enjoyed the book- it’s a sweet love story with a happy ending- my favorite kind.  I  love the book even more now that I’ve read this author interview. He is a man with a mission to write positive, supportive LGBT YA literature, and that is exactly what teens need.

My Introduction to Cornelia Funke

I love the Inkheart Trilogy! This is a great post. Enjoy!

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

On a recent trip to the library, my daughter informed me that she does not like mystery books (at my suggestion that she try a Nancy Drew book) and that she did not like historical fiction (except for the “Laura” books), but that her new passion was fantasy.  This new love of fantasy stems from recently reading the first three Harry Potter books with her dad.

So, we began hunting through the children’s chapter books for those with the fantasy sticker on the spine.  This is what it looks like.

fantasy sticker library book

We loaded our bag full of several and discovered one particular gem among the stack.  Over the last few weeks, I have been reading to her from Cornelia Funke’s Igraine the Brave (1998), an adventure novel full of fantasy and magic.

Funke is a German author known for her Inkheart trilogy.  While I haven’t read Inkheart, I do…

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The Secret Tree by Natalie Standiford

Sounds like a great read….

MMS Reading Listmania!

front_cover_secret_tree-330At first, Minty’s life seems like so much fun: Summer is just starting, her best friend Paz lives next door, and all the kids play together in the woods near Minty’s house. However, things aren’t perfect for Minty: Paz is suddenly making new friends and leaving Misty alone more and more often. She doesn’t even want to practice for roller derby anymore. One day, while Minty is walking by herself in the woods, she comes upon a tree with a hollowed out trunk. Sticking out of the hollow is a small slip of paper. A message. It reads: “I put a curse on my enemy. And it’s working.”

What? Who wrote this message and why did he/she leave it the hollow of a tree?

As the days pass, Minty finds more messages. They are all written in different handwriting, and they all contain secrets: “Nobody loves me except my goldfish,” “I’m betraying my…

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“Saying Good Bye” – a blog posting by Caroline Clooney

“Saying Good Bye” – a blog posting by Caroline Clooney

Caroline Clooney has authored 91 YA novels and is  true inspiration to all  YA writers.  This blog post is about her book A Face on the Milk Carton and its sequels.  Last year I had to buy several copies of these novels to meet the high demand.  Clooney is prolific and diverse in subject matter so there is always a book that will interest every type of reader.

Middle grades literature to get its own designation on the New York Times Bestseller List.

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The New York Times Bestseller List Will Now Separate YA and Middle Grade Titles!

by Lee Wind

As reported in publisher’s lunch, The New York Times will now “…split its children’s Chapter book bestseller lists into separate middle grade and young adult lists…”Here’s a screen shot (courtesy of Author John Green’s tumbler) of the YA and middle grade lists:

Both lists, including the series bestseller lists, will include ebook sales, while the picture book bestsellers list will continue to report hardcover unit sales only.

This means ten more MG and YA books get to be on the New York Times bestseller list every week, which can only be good for all of us who create MG and YA books!  (And it’s good for readers, too – as they get more information about the age category they’re interested in.)

Real People

This project fascinates me.

The Pioneer Girl Project

Who’s real? How real?

We know that many of the characters in the Little House novels are based on real people—and sometimes in interesting ways. Take, for example, the notorious Nellie Oleson, a girl so persistently odious that you just know (or hope) that she cannot have been “real” in quite that way. As it turns out, this character is an amalgam of no less than three unpleasant people of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s childhood acquaintance; Nellie as we know her combines all of their unpleasantnesses into a perfect triune arch-nasty.

The example of Nellie Oleson is well known, but the research and editorial team for the Pioneer Girl Project are probing the real basis of even the most occasional characters in Laura’s autobiography, Pioneer Girl. Historians wonder about any good story: Who’s real? How real? The answers are frequently gratifying, sometimes puzzling, and occasionally—well, occasionally, there’s no answer at…

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