About Janas

Janas Byrd is currently a middle school language arts and reading teacher with Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  She’s been a teacher for 23 years and ejoys sharing one of her great passions, reading YA Literature, in her ByrdonBooks Blog.  Janas is also the mother of two children. Her son is now entering middle school and her daughter is a second grader.

One of her goals is to instill  a love of reading in her students and in her own children.  In order to do this, she models reading at school and home,  reading as much young adult literature(YA literature) as she possibly can.

In this blog, she recommends both fiction and nonfiction texts.  She’s specifically looking for texts that give readers a chance to test themselves and challenge them to be an even better person.  The beauty of good YA literature is that  the main characters are placed in a life- altering situation and the characters are forced to act.  The reader has the opportunity to problem-solve along with the character and ultimately decide if the character made the appropriate decision.

Janas recommends adventures, mysteries, fantasies, humorous works and historical fiction that she enjoyed reading.   The middle school years are challenging emotionally and physically.  Students face social issues such as bullying, peer pressure, and finding out who they are and where they stand.  For these reasons, she is on the look out for books that, in their own way promote compassion towards others, making readers more accepting of  the world around them.

This blog’s intended audience is middle schoolers, parents of middle schoolers, and middle school teachers looking for suggestions for their reading lists or suggestions for their students.


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