Stying Librarian: Pull up a chair, it’s Saturday book share and bonus author interview: ChinAlive

Bob Jonas’s book ChinAlive reviewed. I’ve got my copy!

The Styling Librarian

Last week I began a new blog theme, “Pull up a chair, it’s a Saturday Book Share, any other book bloggers want to join me?

I decided to feature ChinAlive on this Saturday’s post since it was a book I enjoyed taking my time reading…. Please note, I know this author and received a review copy of this self-published book.
ChinAlive by Bob Jonas– For middle school/high school readers who love an excellent action thriller.

Bob Jonas’s Site:

I like how this book’s preface features a folk tale… and then begins officially with a kidnapping. I appreciate how you have a great glimpse at the life of an expat living in China. Bob Jonas knows how to keep up the pace through a book that has tricky twists and turns introducing his fictional account of three teenage boys who are drawn into a dark yet hopeful organization with a mission…

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