The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate (absolutely not) Reviewed by Donalyn Miller

You’ll need a Kleenex to read this Absolutely-not-a-review of the wonderful the One and Only Ivan.

Nerdy Book Club

On two occasions, Colby, Cindy, and I have declined contributors’ offers for book reviews even though we loved the book. We did not review Linda Urban’s Hound Dog True—the book that launched the idea for Nerdy Book Club—until almost a year after the blog began. And in spite of constant mention in tweets and Nerdy Book Club blog posts and book lists, we have never posted a review of The One and Only Ivan.

Are you surprised? I can wait while you google it. You won’t find one, but go ahead.

Although we championed Ivan from the very start, we turned down over twenty requests to review the book. When The One and Only Ivan won the 2013 Newbery Medal earlier this year, we stopped getting review queries. The Nerdy Book Club was such a vocal supporter of Katherine and Ivan’s story that most contributors assumed we had…

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