Top Ten Middle Grade Audio Books to Make the Long Car Ride Bearable for Everyone by Kathy Cowie

My kids love audiobooks in the car. Here are some great suggestions….

Nerdy Book Club

During the summer, my family spends a lot of time in the car. We have portable TVs for trips over six hours, but for everything else, we have audiobooks. We have downloaded some, but most we borrow from our local library. They have a large selection, and you can rent an individual device if you can’t agree on a book.

In the beginning, my husband and I imagined we were great parents — doing something just for the kids. But we found out quickly that the stories were fun for everyone. Some lasted over a couple of weekend trips, so we sometimes had to tell Grandma or other random guests, “Sorry, we’re in the middle of the story, here’s what you missed.”

If you are worried about the “reading” value for your children, a Forbes magazine article “Is Listening to Audio Books Really the Same as Reading?” referenced several studies…

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