Save all libraries AND their librarians

Author Adam Gidwitz posted this video to Facebook. It’s about a New York City school trying to save their library.

Today, my dear friend and my school’s media specialist retires. Her postion will not be filled. Our library will no longer have a full-time media specialist or be open all day everyday.

In my district, and probably in may others, it is a fiscal decision. I think the belief is that with technology, there is not the need for library research so the funding is being diverted to other areas. Libraries are not just about research.

School libraries are communities nurtured by librarians who love books and love sharing them with children.

It is a shame to think that collections in schools across the country will essentially be abandoned and the face-to-face library experience will be gone. It is an even greater shame that people who’ve devoted their careers to fostering a love of reading won’t be able to do that anymore.