I’m shifting gears and heading towards summer reading.

Shift cover

Shift by Jennifer Bradury

I’ve read a handful of books in January and February but nothing that grabbed me, nothing I had to share right away…except for one.  It is Jennifer Bradbury’s first novel, Shift.  I read her second novel Wrapped in December, loved it, wrote about it, checked out her website and promptly ordered Shift.  That’s usually the way it is with me, binge reading all the books by an author I discover.  And, I’ve got to say, I may like Shift even better than Wrapped.

Shift grabs you immediately with the disappearance of Win, the protagonist’s best friend, at the end of their cross-country trip.  Told in flashbacks, the story of a bike ride across the county allows readers to live vicariously through a high school graduation adventure and the experiences it brings the boys who will be off to different colleges in the fall. The trip gives the reader time to get attached to both boys and the idea of a long trip, with no responsibilities, no worries, nothing but the road in front of you.

While this adventure story may be best suited age-wise for high school students, it is enjoyable for 7th or 8th graders too. I suggest it for a summer reading book after testing it out with two students, one male and one female. It was a hit!

Here is a link to a Schooltube book trailer for Shift:






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