A curse, a conspiracy and a mystery….


Jennifer Bradbury

So, I can judge a book by its cover. In early December, I distributed the Scholastic Book Club flyers to my students when I saw the Scholastic cover for Wrapped. I had to have it!

Jennifer Bradbury creates a clever and daring protagonist. Agnes is a teenager set to debut in England’s high society. Her mother hopes to find her a husband and a secure position in society. Agnes, meanwhile is well educated beyond the norm for young ladies of the time and not nearly as excited as her mother is about her debut.

Invited to Lord Showalter’s home for the first party of the season, Agnes is selected to help unwrap a mummy! Well, as strange as that seems, this is just the beginning of what appears to be a curse, a conspiracy, and a mystery all in one.

Bradbury gives readers a healthy dose of history about England in the early 1800’s, Egypt, and the discovery of tombs and their mummies. Bradbury also accurately describes the way artifacts were often treated at the time.

I highly recommend this novel, it gives readers an entertaining look at archeology, history, high society and the ending is a spectacular surprise. I am thrilled, and I think you will be too, to know that there will be a sequel!


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