Fall and YA mysteries…a perfect match.

ImageThe Ghost’s Grave

Peg Kehret

Puffin Books


Mysteries and fall seem to go together for me. Fall in Miami has more to do with settling in to the school year and the shortening of the afternoons than a change in temperature.  It isn’t a Halloween thing, I have never been one for trick-or-treating, scary door decorations or creepy costumes but hand me a suspense-filled story containing a ghost filled with discontent and I am hooked!

Enter The Ghost’s Grave by Peg Kehret.  Thanks to the recommendation feature on Amazon, my past searches for YA mysteries led me to this author.  I found Josh, the narrator, to be a glass-half-full kind of guy.  Initially, he is upset with his mom and stepdad when their work conflicted with his summer plans.  At the last minute he is sent to the small town of Carbon City near Seattle to stay with his stepdad’s Aunt Ethel. He is literally off the grid: no cell phone, Internet or TV, living in a house in the middle of the woods within walking distance of the cemetery. Creepy. Right?

Josh takes it in stride- no moping, whining or complaining.  He proves himself to be adventurous, kind hearted and brave as he meets the ghost of a coal miner in need of his help.  Little does he know what kind of trouble this will dig up!  Josh’s Aunt Ethel is an eccentric elderly woman who serves dinner for breakfast, talks to a peacock and welcomes Josh into her home.  He quickly slides in to Aunt Ethel’s daily routine and into her heart.

I recommend this novel to mystery lovers, and ghost lovers with a sense of humor. This novel is a fun read and will leave the reader happy to have met Josh, his aunt and their friends.


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