An Everglades Adventure Story

Lost in the River of Grass

By Ginny Rorby

Carolrhoda Books

Paperback and ebook

Ginny Rorby’s book Lost in a River of Grass is a adventure story highlighting one of the most strangely beautiful places in the world: the Florida Everglades. At first, the Everglades appear to be a barren grassland for as far as the eye can see. They are, however, home to beautiful birds of all sizes and colors, small creatures that make their home in the waters that surround the sawgrass, dangerous animals like the Florida Panther and, of course, alligators.

Sarah, a 13 year-old, accompanies her science teacher and classmates on a weekend trip to the Everglades even though she is well aware that she is the outsider of the group. Sarah has a swimming scholarship at an expensive private school where her mother works in the cafeteria. She is avoided or made fun of by the girls on the trip and is befriended by Andy, 15, somewhat of an Everglades local.

Sarah pretends to be sick to avoid the daytrip with her class so that she can take an airboat ride with Andy. Their picnic turns into a fight for survival. Rorby’s characters aren’t perfect which is why readers will love them- Sarah whines a lot as they slog through the Glades on foot and Andy, who knows how to survive is, at times, anything but a knight in shinning armor.

Some of their adventures are based on events straight off the nightly news- one in particular involves a huge boa constrictor – that’s all I’m saying bout that!

Readers of Rorby’s novel Hurt Go, Happy will be delighted in being reacquainted with a few old friends at the end of the novel. If you haven’t read Hurt Go, Happy, I also recommend that novel as well. Both of theses books will be a hit with middle schoolers.


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