Mystery Lovers, this one’s for you….

The Mystery at Marlatt Manor

By Anne Loader McGee

Vendera Publishing

Paperback and ebook

I have loved mystery novels for as long as I can remember.  The first “big” book I read was called The Mystery of the Half Moon Cat.  I have no idea who wrote it or if that is the correct or complete title but I will never forget the feeling of being frozen in place and holding my breath to see what would happen next.

The Mystery at Marlatt Manor will do the same thing for young readers today.   Thirteen year-old Mallory Gilmartin, her mom and her older brother move to the small town of Cedar Creek after her parents divorce.  Mallory is anything but pleased with the move and starting at a new school.  A deserted mansion on the top of the hill near the cottage her family is renting quickly distracts her.  She learns about the tragic disappearance of Violet Marlatt, a young girl who once lived in the manor.  Mallory is a smart and strong character that challenges herself to figure who or what is behind the strange things happening at Marlatt Manor and what really happened to Violet Marlatt.

McGee sets her novel in the 1970s and it really is a trip down memory lane for adult readers when Mallory goes to the library to look up old newspaper stories about the mysterious Marlatt family.

I highly recommend this novel, it is fast-paced and a great story with many unexpected plot twists.  It is just creepy enough to keep you reading but not so much to ruin a good night’s sleep with nightmares.



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