Here is a lovely post on the opening ceremony….

1001 Children's Books

So, in case you hadn’t heard, the Olympics have started. The opening ceremony was last night, and, to my excitement, the ceremony featured famous characters from British Literature. I think this was a fantastic idea! Seeing Mary Poppins float down from the sky, and a giant sized Voldemort, and Peter Pan, and the Red Queen…

The reason that I think it connected with me so much (other than the fact that, as you may have gathered, I rather like children’s books) is that books are one of the ways that we can really get a sense of a place. When we are children (or really, even when we are grown up), we can only really know what a place is like is through stories. We can see pictures, sure, but they can’t really evoke to us what it is like to be a person standing in the shoes of someone…

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