These books will leave you breathless!

Storm Runners and Storm Runners 2: The Surge

Roland Smith

Scholastic Paperback


Talk about consistency!  A book by Roland Smith is a guaranteed hit no matter what his topic!  As a parent and teacher I appreciate that his characters are sharp, and think out side the box.  Storm Runners is no exception.  Chase and his father become storm chasers after two life-altering experiences.

The pair, along with Tomas, a life-long friend’s of John’s, run to the locations of natural disasters. John and Tomas help the community prepare in advance and then return after the weather event to help repair or rebuild…for a large fee.

The weather event that is the center of Storm Runners and Storm Runner 2: The Surge is Hurricane Emily.  As a native Floridian, believe me when I say that we are always watching the weather from June 1st – December 1st.  If you haven’t experienced a hurricane, you will certainly feel like you have when you finish these two books.

Chase, Nicole and Reshawn, a group who are literally thrown together in this storm, are stuck out in the middle of a category 5 storm.  While each very different, they make a great team and manage to find their way back to Nicole’s farm, winter home of her family’s circus.  There are lions, tigers, bears, a pregnant elephant and a leopard named Hector.  What becomes of the kids, their parents and the circus menagerie?   You’ll need Storm Runners and Storm Runners 2: The Surge to find out.  Don’t make the mistake of starting one and not having the 2nd and 3rd handy.  Your kids will hate you for it!

Storm Runners 2:The Surge transitions very organically into the 3rd book Strom Runners 3: The Eruption.   My kids and I will be starting it tonight.

I recommend this series for any middle grade student but particularly for those who aren’t inclined to pick up a book on their own.

If you are looking for a book by Roland Smith to assign to your class, I’d recommend Elephant Run.   It is about World War II and a part of the world kids don’t often hear about: Burma.   There are endless possibilities for this book and a teaching guide on Roland Smith’s website that is wonderful.

If you allow your child to have a Facebook account or have one of your own “Like” him on his Facebook page.  He has monthly contests and posts regularly.


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