It’s nice to know everyone thinks their family is a little crazy….

Family Reunion

Caroline B. Clooney

Laurel Leaf

Random House Children’s Books, paperback and ebook

To prove my point that Caroline B. Clooney is so versatile, I read Family Reunion.  The narrator is a middle school aged girl named Shelley who is spending the summer in Vermont with her younger brother Angus and her stepmother Annette. Her Dad is commuting back and forth to New York.

Shelley, like most girls her age, is generally appalled by her brother who is know for crazy stunts like selling timeshares for the bomb shelter located in the backyard.  Once discovered, it is up to Shelley and Annette to accompany Angus to return the money he collected to each and every person who purchased time in the shelter.

Shelley perceives Annette to be in way over her held in the stepchild department.  Annette is so mortified by Angus and the timeshares, she wonders if she can show her face in the market for the rest of the summer.

Meanwhile, Joanna, Shelley’s older sister, is spending the summer with their mother and her new husband Jean-Paul in France.  Shelley isn’t on speaking terms with her mom since she and her husband moved to France.

Now, throw in a Midwestern family reunion with Shelley’s Aunt Maggie and her family- AKA the Perfects and things get even more complicated. Does Shelley’s dad have a son he has never mentioned? Will Joanna come from France to attend? Will the Perfects be nice to Annette?

This is a hilarious book. Shelley’s voice is funny and insightful.  Angus is a charmer.  This is a quick read and Shelley rings true as a girl trying to come to terms with her family and herself. There is even a little romance sprinkled in!


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